Rolfing® Structural Integration

Do you feel that you should be able to move more freely? Maybe you feel that there has to be a better way to treat your chronic pains. If you are among those who feel there is a better way to live better, feel better and move better, then Rolfing® Structural Intergration may be right for you.

Rolfing® SI is a hands-on manipulation developbed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf over 50 years ago. It wokrs on the conective tissue to release, realign, and balance the whole body. Rolfing can enhance your posture and freedom of movement. It can resolve pain and discomfort from many different causes, including back pain, repetitive motion injury, trauma, and aging. Rolfing SI is also an excellent foundation for and complement to Yoga, Pilates and other personal wellness practices.

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“So many therapists are striking at the pattern of disease, instead of supporting the pattern of health. One of the things that you as Rolfers must always emphasize is that you are not practitioners curing disease: you are practitioners invoking health. Invocation is possible by an understanding of what the pattern is, the structural pattern of health. As you bring a man’s structure to conform to that pattern of health you achieve health. You invoke health”-Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality Edited by Rosemary Feitis

“I don’t know what energy is; I know I can change the way it flows and thus change a person’s behavior – life. Rolfers are supposed to be experts in detecting and dealing with change in energy patterns.” – Ida Rolf

“Structural Integration is a transfer of responsibility from Rolfer to Rolfee. This is basic to our work, and one of the most important responsibilities of the Rolfer is to encourage the Rolfee to successfully take the responsibility.” – Ida Rolf

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T S Elliot

Janet Essner, NJ

"After very serious fractures to the right humeral head from a bad fall from a horse, I endured two surgeries, scar tissue and many months of physical therapy over an 18th month period. As I had reached a standstill, the orthopedic doctor then told me to stop physical therapy and to go live my life for six months to see if I could regain any further mobility. Frustrated as I could lift my arm to about the halfway point, I began searching for other forms of treatment to help me gain the range of motion and full use of my arm. After a conversation with the chiropractor who suggested I try Rolfing, I went online and googled it. I found that Patty had a practice nearby. I called her and explained what had happened to my arm and asked if Rolfing might help me. She replied that she couldn't guarantee it but would certainly try her best. After one visit I was amazed that my shoulder had now dropped back to a more normal position. With each visit, Patty was able to release more of the fascia and continued to break up scar tissue. She would also give me suggestions to help gain proper movement. After a few months with Patty, I stopped to see my physical therapist to show him what Patty had accomplished and asked if he thought he could now make further progress with my arm and shoulder. He was astonished at the difference, as were all the other PT's in that practice. Working with Patty and my physical therapist for another 6 months or so, brought amazing results. I now had full range of motion back. When I returned to the doctor, he was elated with what we had accomplished. While I credit the orthopedic surgeon and the physical therapist for their knowledge and skills, I tell everyone without Patty and Rolfing I would still be struggling to use my arm and to do everyday things."

- Adam C., NJ

A 72-year-old colleague referred me to Patty when I was complaining of chronic knee pain that was keeping me from running. I was initially skeptical of Rolfing because I thought it would be painful and wouldn’t get results. Thankfully, I was wrong on both counts! I signed up for the 10- sessions. The first sessions were good, but I didn’t have a breakthrough until session four. By session five, I was running again pain free. Rolfing has increased my body awareness and improved my flexibility, range of motion, strength and balance. I have been able to achieve progress in running, yoga and lifting that continues to surprise this 40-year-old. I find that going back to Patty every few months has been keeping me on track and keeping me in tune with my body. I highly recommend the Rolfing process with Patty; it made a real difference for me! - Adam C., NJ

Jim, NJ

Thanks to our 10 sessions I'm feeling GREAT! I am pain free in my neck and I'm walking and standing much straighter. When I returned to work I received many compliments on my weight loss, but I returned to work weighing the same as when I left. I believe what they see is a straighter posture. Thanks again for all you have done for me

Maureen Hackett, NJ

"Rolfing is the only healing art that relieved all my joint stiffness and chronically tight back muscles. Patty listens carefully, and skillfully treats exactly what needs attention at each and every appointment. I always leave my Rolfing sessions with Patty feeling 10 years younger."

Barbara, PA

"I took my son to see Patty because of his asthma. He loves sports but was having trouble with his breathing and overall stamina while playing soccer. Patty worked with him for a number of sessions and helped him to be able to expand his chest cavity so that he could breathe more fully. This ultimately improved his lung capacity and stamina. My son told us that before the Rolfing work, he hadn't realized how much he wasn't "able to breathe". Although my son is a gifted player, before this work his coach was planning to cut him from next year's team. It's very sad to realize, if it had not been for the Rolfing work, my son would have lost the opportunity to play soccer with his team because he wasn't able to fully play a whole game."

A.W., NJ

"My physical therapist introduced me to Rolfing following months of traditional PT that did not address constant leg and back pain. At first I was skeptical about Rolfing. What is this strange word?! Yet, I contacted Patty and we talked about Rolfing. She patiently answered all my questions and did not pressure me into anything. I scheduled an appointment and I was not disappointed.

At our 1st meeting, we discussed my spinal surgeries and current pain issues. Patty was very professional and compassionate. The Rolfing itself was more like a firm-massage that targeted the source of a problem. Patty was careful not to induce pain and sought feedback on what's working and what did not. Its amazing how tight hips and legs can affect the lower-back! After my first session, I could feel some immediate relief and movement in my back and legs. Decidedly, I agreed to a follow-up appointment. After multiple appointments, I could feel the benefits of Rolfing and the relief became more enduring.

Although Rolfing could not eliminate all of my issues, it was very helpful in getting my body moving more normally again. I would recommend Rolfing to anyone and especially Rolfing by Patty."

Valerie Nordstrom, NJ

"I have been happily using Patty Murphy's exceptional and professional Rolfing services since November of 2011. All I can say is wow- she is truly amazing with her technique! I researched Rolfing and found Patty online at the Princeton location. From my first session, I walked out of her office feeling like a million bucks. I have been suffering from pain from herniated discs in my back and plantar fasciitis for years- but one session with Patty and I was nearly pain free. I have since been seeing her almost every week and she has been tackling all sorts of problems of mine like poor posture and my one leg that is shorter than the other. I highly recommend Patty Murphy to anyone who has not found traditional medicine to be the answer- you won't be disappointed!"

Terry, SC

"I have had Rolfing over the last several years and have found it to be wonderful. I have scoliosis and Rolfing has been so beneficial. I went through the 10 sessions, but go back regularly to get adjusted. I don't live in NY, but much of my family does. One of my sisters told me she suffers from shoulder pain and sciatica and was always in pain though rarely complained. I had mentioned Rolfing to her, but she was unfamiliar with it. She had been to doctors, chiropractors and had massages to no avail. So, I looked on the internet for a Certified Rolfer near her and found Patty Murphy. I booked and paid for my sister's first session. She was so impressed after just one visit; she paid for 5 more in advance and eventually went through the 10 session series, and goes back for additional sessions. What I notice from just talking to her on the phone is she seems perkier and more awake and alert. She is like a different person. I was so pleased for her. She takes care of everyone but herself. So I am grateful she had a good experience and feels so much better. Many, many thanks, I do so appreciate it. You Rolfers are wonderful and I am happy to say more and more people are becoming aware of what "Rolfing" is. I am always quick to recommend people to a Certified Rolfer. Thank you Patty!"

Robin, PA

"All I can say is that I tried every treatment imaginable to help me with plantar fasciitis and was about to have surgery. Tried Rolfing with Patty for 10 sessions in desperation and as a last ditch effort. And I am cured of the pain in my foot. I am a believer! Thank you, Patty!"

Bobbi J. PA. Certified Practitioner of Equine Structural Integration

"I am a dressage rider. I've worked around horses and have ridden most of my life. I've been pretty demanding of my body, doing my own gardening work and have held jobs where I was expected to lift heavy items. After my Chiropractor found that the corrections he was making to my body were not holding, he introduced me to Patty. The chiropractor noticed that my muscles were so tight that soon after he would make his adjustments, my body's tissues would pull the joints out of alignment again.

Some things I've noticed since going through the series. I used to be more one sided; now I find it much easier to do things from either direction. I used to wear my shoes out on the outside of the heals; now the wear is much more even. My shoulders were always really tight and I was always asking to be massaged there. Recently I asked my husband to massage my shoulders and he was shocked. He told me that 'the lump' on my left shoulder was gone and that my shoulders felt more like they did 20 years ago! Patty reminded me of an old injury that had occurred over 17 years ago which she felt while working on my ankle. As my sessions progressed, the chiropractor no longer needed to redo the same corrections over and over again.

I feel my riding has really benefited from Rolfing. I have become much more fluid in the saddle and I have a better feel of what my horses are doing under me. I am more efficient and effective in how I use my body which makes it much easier for me to use the aids I need to with my horses. My saddle fitter remarked this last visit that I must be sitting very balanced in my saddle because my saddle was wearing very evenly (which I consider a real testament to this work). I was so impressed with how Rolfing improved what I could do with my own body that after one of my horses re-injured himself, I enrolled in a school and became certified so I can do this work with horses!

I consider Patty a mentor and a friend and feel confident in referring her to anyone who wishes to be able to use their body to its fullest."



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